Specialized in making panels for finishing structural work.

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In the development of the JFM J panels, we wanted to give the installer not only high efficiency panels, but also with a high ease of use. The J panels are finished in such a way that a finish is no longer required and can be painted over immediately. Thanks to the careful composition of recycled glass and minerals, the JFM J panel has unique properties. 

Our J-panels are created so the professional plasterer and the Mr. Fix-it can use our J-panels with ease. 

Years of experience are the origins of our panels. Through the use of other brands we went looking for panels that had all the necessary characteristics as where you have for some brands many choices, insulation material, fixing, ... The JFMindustries J panel is so made that even the Mr. Fix-it could easily place it. Our panels are painterly finished and because of the high yield a huge increase in the global square meters yields.

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dressing of structural works


The JFMindustries J panel is made up of a combination of recycled glass and minerals. On both sides, the panel is coated with a glass fabric. Thanks to the precision of the composition, J-panel from JFM Industries has unique properties with many advantages for finishing your window profiles. The J-panel is a versatile panel that provides a lot of time gain and can be finished, painted, coated, ...

database of plasterers


If you are looking for a plasterers you are at the right address at JFMindustries, with our large database of studadors we can always refer you to the suitable man for your work.

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